petting zoo

Both girls love animals, but Kristin just goes crazy for them – maybe she will be a veterinarian when she grows up.  Here they are at the local petting zoo, with what looks like a giant poodle below.  I am sure its some kind of lamb or something, but not really sure.

DSC06108 DSC06111

That goat looks awfully similar to the one in totoro that tries to steal Mae’s corn on the cob.  The girls love that movie so much, I have memorised half the words – even in Japanese.  Thank goodness I am continuing my Japanese lessons, even if it is only an anime from the 80’s.


That’s a big horse, one day she will ride.


A well deserved snack – one that the goats aren’t trying to steal from the girls.


At least Kristin looks happy to pose as a giant cow!


Yes, you are reading that date right – this post is just over a month late, but not from 1926.  This is the 26th year the emperor has been in power and a lot of Japan still uses these dates to track the years.  I was born in the 50th year of the previous emperor, or Showa 50.

DSC06135 DSC06141

What smells funny?