BVLGARI Christmas and Deepavali in Singapore

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a huge sparkling tree in every mall, here are all the girls standing in front of the one in Takashimaya in Ngee Ann City. Orchard Street is putting the final Christmas decorations up and this will be the twins’ first christmas.

Of course it wouldn’t be Takashimaya if it were just any old tree, this one is sponsored by BVLGARI.

Tuesday was a national holiday in Singapore to celebrate the Hindu Deepavali Festival. As every year we head over to a friend of ours for some King Fisher and Curry. Everyone dresses up (except us, next year all the girls will be in a Sari).

Grandma and Kristin hanging out.

Daddy and Kaitlin standing over the food, the Malai Chicken Tika and Tika Prawns were the best, also the Briyani was fantastic.

Grandma and Savitri after getting a Henna tattoo.

Bus coming through

Wow this stroller is huge. I negotiated it through Takashimaya today, dodging and weaving people in the main food court to get to the baby fair. Had the girls covered up so the hoards of people that have never seen twins before do not touch and try to pick them up. I will never understand people that feel the need to poke little babies and comment on the fact they are twins, without providing any insight. It usually goes something like “oh they are twins…”, so thank you random persons for stating the obvious.