sushi express

While in Japan, Qumi took the girls to kaiten sushi.  You have to love a sushi place that also serves french fries.  No wonder my kids love this place.  We are already back from the trip and the girls were looking at the pictures and they miss their baba and jiji (grandparents).

DSC06681 DSC06679 DSC06690DSC06687

This place is pretty funny as they have a special shinkansen train that delivers your special orders directly to you.  Qumi grabbed a short video.

And finally a few shots from the local play gym.

DSC06675 DSC06671

kodomo no hi こどもの日

I have a ton of pictures to catch up on, so the next couple of posts will be from when the girls spent a month in Japan.

Here are a few shots of fukushima around kodomo no hi, or children’s day on May 5th.  You can read about it here.  This one is mostly for the boys as the girls have their own day back in March.  Each boy hangs his own carp kite and flies them for days.  Below are a ton of kites over the local river.

DSC06020 DSC06034

So cute the way they hold hands.


The girls tried out some kaiten sushi for the first time, not raw fish – but at least the experience.  Essentially there is a never ending line of sushi that travels throughout the restaurant on a conveyor belt.  The quality is usually not nearly as good as a proper bar, but cheap and fun.  According to Qumi though, there is a new twist on this.  When you order specific sushi, there is a separate track with a shinkansen train that delivers your order fast.  Pretty cool.


Here are the girls enjoying a local play group, unfortunately there aren’t many kids that showed up this day.  Those blocks are huge and they seem to enjoy them, I am going to have to pick some up.

DSC06051 DSC06052


Until next time!