japan and beyond


It has been a hectic couple of months, difficult to get time to post up here, but hopefully the last couple will make up for it. We are all home, safe and sound and settling back into a routine. After that last flight, we will have to really think hard about dragging the girls on another plane anytime soon. We are going to wait till grandpa comes for a visit to see where he will be taking us in Sept or Oct.

We replaced our maid and still going through a new learning curve, its amazing how comfortable you can get in a current routine only to have to start over again with someone new. Anyway – no regrets and we are moving forward.


The gang is all here

13 12

Kaitlin enjoying a bar on the 27th floor in downtown Tokyo


So peaceful when they sleep


Sharing or fighting, I am not sure

9 8

Grandma, 2 great aunts, 1 aunt and uncle and a cousin – and of course mommy in the middle.


Enjoying some sunshine in Fukushima


Enjoying the plane ride up to Japan. The staff at ANA were great and very friendly both trips. The girls loved the trip up to Japan, but hated the trip back down. We were that family in the front of the plane with 2 screaming babies for 9 and a half hours.


A great shot of the girls with their grandpa and great-grandpa.

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Casual and relaxed leaning in that little corner

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Grandma is here! Now its time to relax

My mom made it after a small hurricane and snow storm in NY delayed her a bit. As you can see below, the girls have been so happy to meet her. Grandma has been a big help so far watching and playing with the girls.

A random picture of kogu because she was jealous of all the pictures being posted about the girls – she used to be the cute baby in the house 🙂

Back to vivo city for another shopping experience, this time with grandma. They already setup the huge christmas tree outside and started playing jingle bells throughout the mall. The Coffee Bean started serving a “Double Chocolate Peppermint Shake” that is just so good, but gives me brain freeze everytime I have one.

The girls getting ready to have lunch at Marche, the swiss place in Singapore. This restaurant uses only fresh ingredients and cooks everything right in front of you, you can choose from so many dishes.

Kristin and her favorite ball, its cool to see that she can reach out and grab it now.

Until next time


a day at vivo city – not quite the flugtag

Singapore hosted its first flugtag this year, and I would have loved to go, but throngs of drunken people and my double stroller don’t really mix. We did the next best thing in Singapore and went shopping. We hit vivo city, the largest mall in Singapore, and right across from Sentosa where they were holding the flugtag.

The Toys R Us here has a lego “Merlion” in the entrance.

Just across the way there is Sentosa – home to Siloso Beach, Universal Studios, Resorts World Casino and some of the most expensive real estate in the world, where the average home goes for S$39,000,000 (USD $32M, JPY 2.5B). But with that price tag you also get a view of all the thousands of cargo ships and oil tankers in the bay.

They didn’t really enjoy sharing a cot, even for the 3 minutes it took to snap some pictures. The best money we ever spent was on that mobile – it spins and plays music for 40 minutes without having to wind it up. The girls just love it.

Based on Kaitlin’s hair below, she is going to be as smart as Einstein.

Bus coming through

Wow this stroller is huge. I negotiated it through Takashimaya today, dodging and weaving people in the main food court to get to the baby fair. Had the girls covered up so the hoards of people that have never seen twins before do not touch and try to pick them up. I will never understand people that feel the need to poke little babies and comment on the fact they are twins, without providing any insight. It usually goes something like “oh they are twins…”, so thank you random persons for stating the obvious.