Back in Tokyo for a few days before we head to Fukushima and Nikko.  These couple of days were mostly for Qumi to get a chance to hang out with her friends before she spends the month in Fukushima.

We walked around a bit, Tokyo is not double stroller friendly but we managed somehow. There was a little alley next to the hotel that only allowed people through.  It was great to let the girls run around and burn off their excess energy.

I also met up with Tad and his ninja – he was not feeling great from his night out before, but  it was good to see him.  Bill was able to have some super high-calorie banana and heavy cream crepe, so he was happy.

We also found cute little beer cans, I bought them as a souvenir for Bill to take back, but had to take the photo opportunity to snap a couple pictures of the girls with them.

Tokyo01 Tokyo02 Tokyo08 Tokyo07 Tokyo06 Tokyo05 Tokyo12 Tokyo11 Tokyo10 Tokyo09 Tokyo03Tokyo04


We are doing our best to limit the girls watching TV, but sometimes it is the best babysitter.  There are a few shows they absolutely love, Hi-5 is one of them.  Its an Australian kids variety show that is mildly annoying to anyone over 5 years old, but the girls just love it.

In other news, the girls got new bathing suits prior to heading to Thailand.  Here they are trying them out in the swimming pool.  Mom loves them since they cover most of their bodies from the sun.

Ready for the beach
Ready for the beach

The second the TV comes on, everything stops in this house.

Kristin enjoying Hi-5
Kristin enjoying Hi-5
Kaitlin enjoying Hi-5
Kaitlin enjoying Hi-5
Amazing, she doesn't move
Amazing, she doesn’t move
She can stand like this for hours
She can stand like this for hours



When they are not watching TV, they are running around torturing the dogs. Since Inu is losing his sight, he easily gets scared and runs away from Kristin.  That doesn’t stop her though.

Torturing the dogs
Torturing the dogs

Its tough work sometimes, but someone has to do it.

Just woke up
Just woke up


happy birthday, still

For the second half of the day, we took the girls to a play gym.  We weren’t really sure what to expect, and thought the girls would be shy or nervous, but we were wrong.  They took off through this gym like crazy, laughing and screaming the whole time.

Kaitlin hanging out in the tunnel.


Kristin isn’t quite walking on her own yet, she is a bit more cautious then her sister, but she loved this walker. She spent half the time in the gym running with it from one end to the other.


I think this was meant to slide down, but Kaitlin just wanted to climb up.


Another tunnel


Kaitlin ran for the steps and Qumi had to chase after her.  She made it to the top, leaving Qumi more then a bit nervous.


The girls got a huge present from Yuka-chan, their unofficial aunt!  They spent several minutes playing with the ribbon before we helped them open it.


Its a great wooden toy that teaches them coordination.  For the first little while they spent most of the time putting the pieces in their mouths.  Kristin though eventually figured it out and put the pieces in the right spot to watch them roll down the levels.  This toy is great and we saw it in Japan, but couldn’t bring it back with us.  We are all so happy the girls have it.


Mom made a special dinner for their birthday including fruit donuts in different shapes.  They loved them more then anything so far.  I think Qumi is going to be forced to make these more often.


The cake – even though they cant try it.


Today was one of the best days we ever spent together as a family.  It was long and crazy, but the girls really loved it. So much that they took 3 naps today. Let’s hope they can sleep all the way through tonight – that would be a great birthday gift for me 🙂

having fun with friends

The girls had their friends over and here is the rare picture that they are all together and even looking at the camera. I bet it took Qumi 50 shots to get this picture. 🙂

The Gang

They had so much fun, they all passed out together.


Mom, you scared me!

Kristin-4 TheGirls

A new french bakery opened up in the neighborhood and Kaitlin is really happy.  The girls do love their bread, especially when Qumi makes it with strawberry’s.


Future Fashionista?


Pants? We don’t need pants, in fact I’ll just wear them as a hat.


I know its not my pacifier, but I do like playing with them.


That’s mom in the back, taking a nap.  I’ll just go wake her up 🙂

Kristin-1 Kaitlin-1

The girls do love their Disney TV.


Is that a necklace?


Look Mom, I can climb up on the couch without any helpClimbing

The girls are growing fast now and getting smarter everyday. Its getting hard to keep up with them. When I came home today, Qumi had setup a tunnel for them to crawl through and they were having a blast. Kaitlin is starting to recognize shapes more and is getting close to putting the square peg in the square hole. Kristin is beginning to get more fearless in her efforts to walk around the apartment. Pretty soon she will be tearing it up around the place. We have to start working on child-proofing the rest of the apartment.

Grandpa Bill is all set to come for a visit that lasts 6 weeks. We are trying to figure out where to take him while he is here.  We are already thinking to go to Japan for the last couple days of the trip since our good friends are getting married soon. Now we just need to decide whether to go to Thailand or Indonesia for our holiday. There is always Vietnam, but since he already visited when he was younger, not sure he wants to go back.

Until next time.

No Sleep – Day 2

Actually, its not as bad as everyone seems to make it out. One thing is for certain, those with a singleton baby have it easy. You can trade with your wife, the 4am feed for a new pair of shoes, or swap days/times so you can both still sleep – not true with twins. Alsohaving them next to each other has the added bonus of one cranky baby waking the other. 

After extensive research and lot’s of purchases, we found that Kristin just doesn’t like the NUK brand of bottles and nipples, and prefers the more “plain style” Pigeon brand. It cut my feeding down from 45-60 minutes to just under 30 mins. That’s 15 more minutes every 3 hours! If I save it all up, I have enough time to watch a movie.


The dogs are coping really well. Inu doesn’t seem to care at all, almost like he didn’t realize there are 2 more people in the house and that I am up all night. Koguma is a bit more curious, she wants to get close, but my evil stare keeps her (mostly) at bay. As the girls get a little bigger, I will slowly allow the dogs closer. Thatlevel of trust is going to take a while, the dogs have never been around tiny babies.

Both girls love the bath, and since that’s my job, I’m happy. Today was their second bath at home, and we decided to dress them up and take a ton of pictures afterwards – BIG MISTAKE! They must have gotten over-excited because it took us the next 3 hours to get them to sleep, just in time for their next feeding. I am sure they will hate us for the naked ones 😛