Singapore River Cruise

The best way to see Singapore is via a boat up the Singapore river. With a guide and audio tour, you would be surprised how much you learn about this place. I have taken this cruise at least a dozen times and still enjoy it. I used to bring along a few beers, but now with the girls its a Starbucks iced tea. This was the girls first boat voyage and as displayed below, I am not sure Kaitlin was impressed…

Kristin looks pretty sleepy as well, at least they were screaming the whole time.

The Fullerton Hotel and Mer-sama watching over it.

A few beers afterwards to make up for missing them on the boat. Mom got to have her dark beer and Kaitlin was busy watching the rugby.

While Kaitlin was busy with the rugby, Kristin was enjoying a peaceful nap in the stroller – she always looks like an angel when she is sleeping.

1 million dollars…

Till next time.

Grandma is back!

Grandma is back! She flew in late on Monday night with bags full of goodies from Japan – including some Tokyo Bananas. The girls are happy to see her, and so are Qumi and I. I was able to grab a beer with some friends, and Qumi gets to enjoy a little free time during the day. Grandma stays for 2 weeks this time and we will cherish every minute of it. 

A couple of Qumi’s friends came over to hang out today, Saki-chan (in the middle) is practicing for her own little one in a couple of months.

P.S. All the images can be clicked on and downloaded.

Time to admit it, they might have colic

Well its been a week since grandma left and it was tough. The girls were screaming all day and night, I think its time to admit it – they probably have colic. It seems that it is more common in babies with milk/lactose allergies. Sometimes they just scream and scream and scream – and other times they sleep. The good news is that it does end I have been told, and only a couple more weeks (or months) till they will be sleeping through the night.

Daddy doing his best to keep them calm.

The girls playing in their new floor gym. Not sure they really get it, but will stare at the stuff hanging on occasion. 

Here are the angels holding hands, they love each other – at least for this picture.

Until next time… I will try to update this blog more often, but usually haven’t had the time. Hopefully when the girls start sleeping through the night.

Hurry back grandma

Grandma is heading home and Qumi and I are really going to miss her.  She has been such a huge help, and we’re not sure how to do it without her. The girls are really going to miss her as well, but I am sure she will be back as soon as she can.

My belly, the perfect cushion.

Since the floors are all marble and not at all forgiving for babies falling on them, we setup a futon in the living room. It’s great, all of us can hangout there without fear the little ones rolling off the couch.

Waiting for sleep

The girls are about 7 weeks old now, so that means 7 weeks without sleep. Everyone keeps assuring me that this is going to end at about 3 months or so, but I am not convinced. 

Today was the girls first set of shots, BCM and Hep B. Kaitlin was up first and wow was she screaming, so much so that Kristin started screaming out of sympathy. The shots were over quickly, but she still wasn’t happy. Kristin wasn’t any better, she screamed just as loud and just as long. Luckily the girls were also hungry at the same time, so a quick bottle right after and they were just good as new.

Qumi has been working day and night to take care of these girls, they are a handful. She has been so great for me, allowing me to sleep most of the nights and she deserves a break now and then. Here she is with the girls taking a quick nap between feeds.

One bottle for me, one bottle for Kristin! One bottle for me, Kristin was still on her first. One more bottle for me, and she was already sleeping. Its great to take them down to the local mall and have a beer and some lunch without them screaming the whole time.