omocha no cha cha cha

Not bad for 2 year olds. The girls had their first of many school concerts on Saturday. I guess there isn’t much you can expect from this age group, but I think they did just fine. Actually after the sports day they had a couple months ago, I fully expected Kristin to run away when the curtain opened. They both did amazing. In case you can’t figure it out, Kristie is on the left and Katie on the right.

Since they did so well, we decided to treat them to pizza and a bouncy castle.

School Dayz

It’s an inevitable fact that your kids grow up and start school.  Since both of our girls show a bit of “clingy-ness” we decided to get them started quickly.  So they are now enrolled in a class twice a week for 3 hours.  The first day actually went ok, we went in with them and played for a bit and snuck out while they were busy.  Today was a little different as Kristin wasn’t having a good morning.  We tried the same plan, but heard them both crying while we were leaving.  At the school hasn’t called though, so things must have settled down.

Here are a few pics from their first days in their uniform.

School1 School3 School2 School5 School6

And a slightly better picture of the ohina dolls.

Ohina Sama