santa meet kaitlin & kristin, girls please try to smile

Kaitlin & Kristin meet Santa, Santa meet the girls:20121222_0091_1

They already told him they want lots of toys and presents this year as its their first christmas, and every year after on the anniversary. Santa was a little overwhelmed, but expects it from each new child he meets. This year wont mean too much to the girls, but hopefully next year they get a kick out of the season – at least they will get to try my turkey and stuffing.  And hopefully we can teach them to smile at Santa, so he brings more presents for them…DSC02243 DSC02245

Finally the girls’ necks are getting stable and can enjoy their “belly time”. I think they finally “love” each other, or at least tolerate each other – you can tell since they are holding hands, and not in an arm wrestle.DSC02257

Kristin loves the tree, I think she wishes she could climb it.DSC02275