having fun with friends

The girls had their friends over and here is the rare picture that they are all together and even looking at the camera. I bet it took Qumi 50 shots to get this picture. 🙂

The Gang

They had so much fun, they all passed out together.


Mom, you scared me!

Kristin-4 TheGirls

A new french bakery opened up in the neighborhood and Kaitlin is really happy.  The girls do love their bread, especially when Qumi makes it with strawberry’s.


Future Fashionista?


Pants? We don’t need pants, in fact I’ll just wear them as a hat.


I know its not my pacifier, but I do like playing with them.


That’s mom in the back, taking a nap.  I’ll just go wake her up 🙂

Kristin-1 Kaitlin-1

The girls do love their Disney TV.


Is that a necklace?


Look Mom, I can climb up on the couch without any helpClimbing

The girls are growing fast now and getting smarter everyday. Its getting hard to keep up with them. When I came home today, Qumi had setup a tunnel for them to crawl through and they were having a blast. Kaitlin is starting to recognize shapes more and is getting close to putting the square peg in the square hole. Kristin is beginning to get more fearless in her efforts to walk around the apartment. Pretty soon she will be tearing it up around the place. We have to start working on child-proofing the rest of the apartment.

Grandpa Bill is all set to come for a visit that lasts 6 weeks. We are trying to figure out where to take him while he is here.  We are already thinking to go to Japan for the last couple days of the trip since our good friends are getting married soon. Now we just need to decide whether to go to Thailand or Indonesia for our holiday. There is always Vietnam, but since he already visited when he was younger, not sure he wants to go back.

Until next time.

Fun at the US Embassy

Brought all three of my girls down to the US Embassy to register the little one’s birth, get them social security cards, and of course their first passports. I have been prepping Qumi of the process of not only entering the Embassy, but what you have to do once inside. The security is similar to that at an airport where everything gets X-rayed, no liquids, and you have to go through metal detectors. Its a huge imposing building (really a fortress).

We followed the website and prepared all the paperwork, leaving nothing to chance. Showed up with all my forms, 10 years worth of tax preparations, my high-school diploma, birth certificate, SS card, and even my baptism certificate. The interviews started and Qumi was in the middle of breastfeeding Kaitlin, so with me supporting Kaitlin’s head, Qumi raised her right hand and swore the truth, all while feeding Katie – what a trooper.  The website clearly states that they only need copies of certain documents, but apparently it is wrong. We needed the original birth certificates in addition to the copies. There was another couple there with the same issue, and they had to go back with their baby twice. Luckily, the consular that helped us understood our dilemma and allowed me to come back without the girls. So barring any issues with my translation of the marriage certificate, our girls will be accepted as US Citizens in 7-10 working days.

Qumi’s mom is here for a week and brought a ton of presents for us and the girls. She is so happy to have grandchildren! I am sure she will spoil them for the rest of their lives.

Grandma and Kristin