gardens by the bay

This is the first time since the girls were born that I didn’t post here for an entire month. I contemplated cheating and back-dating a few posts, but that wouldn’t be right. I have hundreds of photos to go through from the end of 2014 till today, so there will be many coming in the next few weeks. Some will be out of order, but hopefully still make sense.

Grandma came to visit and she loves flowers and fauna, so we decided to head to Gardens by the Bay. The girls made it through the first section which is a giant waterfall and mountain, but started getting antsy towards the end. I took them over to the children’s section while Qumi and Grandma checked out the flowers. The children’s section has the normal slides and swings, but it also includes a giant water fountain that you can run through. A quick change into their new bathing suits and away they went.

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Of course, I had to get in on the fun. It was a hot day! Although I should have been more careful with the sun block as my shoulders are now as red as lobsters.

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All in all, they had a great day and we stopped for some sandwiches before heading home.

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Don’t worry, it won’t take another month for the next post. Just need to find a bit of time in between the Game of Thrones marathons.



playhouse and tapas


Qumi took the girls to The Playhouse in Rochester Park the other day and met up with a bunch of friends.  This is a great little Spanish restaurant combined with an indoor/outdoor play house.  It is housed in an old colonial building and has a lot of great charm. Here is Kaitlin and Ryunosuke having fun in the ball pit.


Everyone saw how fun this was, so they all jumped in.  Here we have Kaitlin & Kristin, Ryunosuke, Mizuki & Eiki.


Proud mama with her babies.

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Kaitlin had the MMRV shot recently and started to have a reaction while she was having fun.  Luckily it was just cosmetic and didn’t slow her down at all.


Singapore River Cruise

The best way to see Singapore is via a boat up the Singapore river. With a guide and audio tour, you would be surprised how much you learn about this place. I have taken this cruise at least a dozen times and still enjoy it. I used to bring along a few beers, but now with the girls its a Starbucks iced tea. This was the girls first boat voyage and as displayed below, I am not sure Kaitlin was impressed…

Kristin looks pretty sleepy as well, at least they were screaming the whole time.

The Fullerton Hotel and Mer-sama watching over it.

A few beers afterwards to make up for missing them on the boat. Mom got to have her dark beer and Kaitlin was busy watching the rugby.

While Kaitlin was busy with the rugby, Kristin was enjoying a peaceful nap in the stroller – she always looks like an angel when she is sleeping.

1 million dollars…

Till next time.