japanese kindergarten

Today was the first day of the girls’ new school, Singapore Japanese Kindergarten (シンガポール日本人幼稚園). There was a huge ceremony that included some introductions, puppet shows, songs and lots of waiting. The girls are in two separate classes, which is what we wanted to allow them to start developing individually. Katie is in the Red Tulip class (チューリップ 赤) and Kristie is in the Yellow Tulip class (チューリップ 黄色). The class rooms are right across the hall, so they will certainly bump into each other throughout the day. Their favourite part is that the classrooms are right in front of the train! From tomorrow, they start taking the bus everyday which is about 30 minutes each way. Hopefully that goes as smooth as this morning.

Here are some pictures from today, I love their school uniform. The dress is very cute.

DSC07768DSC07834 DSC07809 DSC07795 DSC07791 DSC07787 DSC07776

A whole bunch of selfies with mama.

DSC07994 DSC07993 DSC07933 DSC07925

Checking out their new classrooms

DSC07847 DSC07851

The official start of the school year!

DSC08018 DSC08024