india and no sleep for qumi

It was bound to happen at some time, I had to return to traveling around Asia again and started with a short trip to India. This was a view from my balcony at the Leela Palace, and just on queue as I took this, the power went out.


Qumi sent me a photo everyday I was there so even though I couldn’t be with the girls, at least I didn’t miss their smiling faces. I knew it wasn’t easy, but Qumi did a great job taking care of the girls by herself for 3 nights. I can only imagine how tough it is to bath, feed and put them to sleep without any help. Thanks Babe!photo2 photo3 photo4

Qumi had some friends over and planned a “play date”.┬á Of course the kids aren’t big enough to understand this, so they just kind of lay there – sometimes laughing, sometimes crying.photo5

Kaitlin is starting to sit up now and she is bored laying down. Of course she needs to be propped up, but that will be fixed with a bumbo seat very shortly.