mom’s day off

Qumi finally got to take a break and have a mini-vacation in Sentosa, which means I had the girls for just over 24 hours alone. I think it went well, ice cream after school, a bath, some my little pony pj’s, and pizza for dinner. The special hair style the next morning was my idea and they both loved it! 


Birthdays Galore

We celebrated a few birthdays this week.  The girls turned 2 months on the same day I turned 444 months.  Grandma’s birthday is today and Fu-chan’s is coming up soon. We enjoyed a quiet little party at home with ton’s of Mexican food and an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. 

And the cake!

Everyone got their turns to hold the babies, it was really nice. I got to take a short break and enjoy some champagne and beer. I need to get them all back again soon 🙂