santa meet kaitlin & kristin, girls please try to smile

Kaitlin & Kristin meet Santa, Santa meet the girls:20121222_0091_1

They already told him they want lots of toys and presents this year as its their first christmas, and every year after on the anniversary. Santa was a little overwhelmed, but expects it from each new child he meets. This year wont mean too much to the girls, but hopefully next year they get a kick out of the season – at least they will get to try my turkey and stuffing.  And hopefully we can teach them to smile at Santa, so he brings more presents for them…DSC02243 DSC02245

Finally the girls’ necks are getting stable and can enjoy their “belly time”. I think they finally “love” each other, or at least tolerate each other – you can tell since they are holding hands, and not in an arm wrestle.DSC02257

Kristin loves the tree, I think she wishes she could climb it.DSC02275

Chicken Rice and the Ginger Gardens

In order to truly appreciate Singapore, you need to eat like the locals.  That means either food courts or hawker centers – since we had the girls in tow, we decided on the safer (indoor) food court.  Mom tried the Hainanese Chicken Rice, which is the unofficial national dish of Singapore.  Her reaction is pretty much the same as mine “its just chicken and rice, right?  what am I missing here”.

Here is Qumi enjoying something good – not sure what it was, but looks great 🙂

Me, I stuck with the old Wok Fried “something”.  It could be beef, chicken, pork or prawns, it always tastes the same after frying in MSG.

We had about 20 minutes one afternoon before a doctor’s visit, so mom decided to head to the Botanic Gardens and visit the Ginger Gardens – her reaction was “I had no idea there were that many types of Ginger”.  My reaction was much more sarcastic, but I will let you use your imagination.

Until next time.

BVLGARI Christmas and Deepavali in Singapore

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a huge sparkling tree in every mall, here are all the girls standing in front of the one in Takashimaya in Ngee Ann City. Orchard Street is putting the final Christmas decorations up and this will be the twins’ first christmas.

Of course it wouldn’t be Takashimaya if it were just any old tree, this one is sponsored by BVLGARI.

Tuesday was a national holiday in Singapore to celebrate the Hindu Deepavali Festival. As every year we head over to a friend of ours for some King Fisher and Curry. Everyone dresses up (except us, next year all the girls will be in a Sari).

Grandma and Kristin hanging out.

Daddy and Kaitlin standing over the food, the Malai Chicken Tika and Tika Prawns were the best, also the Briyani was fantastic.

Grandma and Savitri after getting a Henna tattoo.

a day at vivo city – not quite the flugtag

Singapore hosted its first flugtag this year, and I would have loved to go, but throngs of drunken people and my double stroller don’t really mix. We did the next best thing in Singapore and went shopping. We hit vivo city, the largest mall in Singapore, and right across from Sentosa where they were holding the flugtag.

The Toys R Us here has a lego “Merlion” in the entrance.

Just across the way there is Sentosa – home to Siloso Beach, Universal Studios, Resorts World Casino and some of the most expensive real estate in the world, where the average home goes for S$39,000,000 (USD $32M, JPY 2.5B). But with that price tag you also get a view of all the thousands of cargo ships and oil tankers in the bay.

They didn’t really enjoy sharing a cot, even for the 3 minutes it took to snap some pictures. The best money we ever spent was on that mobile – it spins and plays music for 40 minutes without having to wind it up. The girls just love it.

Based on Kaitlin’s hair below, she is going to be as smart as Einstein.

Family outing, but not to the doctors office

So far, everytime we packed the kids up to leave the house, it was for a doctor appointment – not today. Since its National Day in Singapore, I have the day off and decided to get up and head down for a late breakfast at the local coffee shop. As expected of new parents we packed up everything they might need and then some, loaded up the stroller and headed down the hill to Novena Velocity Mall. We found a nice little table with plenty of space to put the double long stroller beside and ordered. The food was just ok, and the Iced Tea is exactly the same as it usually is, but it was nice to be out of the house – all four of us.

We got through breakfast and even had a little more time to share a piece of cheesecake, then like a storm in Singapore, it all turned bad. Katilin started first and so I grabbed the stroller and went for a quick spin around the mall – didn’t help. Qumi then decided to feed her a bit – didn’t help. I grabbed her and headed to the bathroom for a quick change, of course there was none of those handy koala changing tables when I needed it – also didn’t stop her from crying. And that was when Kristin started…

At this point we decided to cut our losses and run down to the market to pick up some food for dinner. Qumi wound up driving them all around the market to try to keep them calm, while I picked up things for tonight (Steak, yum!).

The whole two hour outing was fun, but exhausting. This weekend is another day and can’t wait to try again – perhaps a full lunch on Saturday ♥