enjoying the view & dogs shouldn’t sleep like this

The week following Aunt Jenn’s visit was a bit tough as we were back to reality again. Having her here was a huge help and girls definitely miss her. We were able to get a few shots of them smiling though.


Kristin sitting up (barely). She can hold that position for about 5 seconds, so she is well on her way to full stability.


In their PJs!

DSC02945 DSC02948

Black & White really is dramatic sometimes.


Enjoying the afternoon on the balcony staring off into distance. The breeze was great, and they loved being out there.

Surveying the land

Yuna -chan came for a visit!


Dogs don’t normally sleep like this, but Inu is a bizarre one.

This is just strange! DSC03019 DSC03023 2 beauties

WWE Divas & The Sistine Chapel

The girls are getting bigger and stronger everyday, this past week has been really noticeable for some reason. We went through their draws and took out all the small items that no longer fit them. They were wearing the onesies below only a month ago or so.

DSC02412Kaitlin is obviously the older sister and makes sure that Kristin knows it on a regular basis. I have been teaching them wrestling moves so that when they get older they can keep up with their dad.DSC02422one, two, three – Kaitlin wins the World Featherweight Infant Championship. DSC02504DSC02431This picture reminds me something I saw once:

DSC02493 This looks much better! (This is a family blog, so I blocked the dirty parts)italy-sistine--1 copy

The gang is all here!DSC02516 The jungle gym before Kaitlin starts playing… DSC02524

Within 30 seconds…


How could you not love that smile 🙂DSC02535

Been a while

Its been a while since my last post. Grandma has come and stayed for 2 weeks and is back home now. The girls are growing so big, so fast and really starting to smile all the time now. Hopefully that also means that Kaitlin’s colic will be going away soon 🙂

A couple of Qumi’s friends came over the other day with their kids. 3 girls and 1 boy! Must’ve been a handful, but I was at work all day – so I missed the fun. 

Vijay happened to be in town, so he came over for a couple hours before his flight. The girls got to meet their “Indie Uncle” and their 1st person from Japan (not counting grandma). I think he fell in love, so please Vijay – Come back and you can babysit them.

I can’t believe they all dressed up the same, LAME!

Qumi taking the girls to the local Burmese temple.

I will try to keep updating this more often, but any free time I get, I usually just fall asleep (like I am doing now).

Time to admit it, they might have colic

Well its been a week since grandma left and it was tough. The girls were screaming all day and night, I think its time to admit it – they probably have colic. It seems that it is more common in babies with milk/lactose allergies. Sometimes they just scream and scream and scream – and other times they sleep. The good news is that it does end I have been told, and only a couple more weeks (or months) till they will be sleeping through the night.

Daddy doing his best to keep them calm.

The girls playing in their new floor gym. Not sure they really get it, but will stare at the stuff hanging on occasion. 

Here are the angels holding hands, they love each other – at least for this picture.

Until next time… I will try to update this blog more often, but usually haven’t had the time. Hopefully when the girls start sleeping through the night.