petting zoo

Both girls love animals, but Kristin just goes crazy for them – maybe she will be a veterinarian when she grows up.  Here they are at the local petting zoo, with what looks like a giant poodle below.  I am sure its some kind of lamb or something, but not really sure.

DSC06108 DSC06111

That goat looks awfully similar to the one in totoro that tries to steal Mae’s corn on the cob.  The girls love that movie so much, I have memorised half the words – even in Japanese.  Thank goodness I am continuing my Japanese lessons, even if it is only an anime from the 80’s.


That’s a big horse, one day she will ride.


A well deserved snack – one that the goats aren’t trying to steal from the girls.


At least Kristin looks happy to pose as a giant cow!


Yes, you are reading that date right – this post is just over a month late, but not from 1926.  This is the 26th year the emperor has been in power and a lot of Japan still uses these dates to track the years.  I was born in the 50th year of the previous emperor, or Showa 50.

DSC06135 DSC06141

soccer star

There is a huge field where the girls get to run around and go crazy.  Kaitlin seems to have a natural talent for soccer, which is timely since the World Cup is happening right now.  I have some video that I need to edit and will post eventually, but she isn’t half bad at kicking the ball – especially considering she only learned to walk not that long ago.  I think grandma (ばーばー) might be struggling to keep up with them.


Just the right amount of wind to make Kristin look like she actually has a lot of hair.


Looking into the wind as any good model would do to get that flowing natural look.

DSC06082 DSC06085

At the local temple with grandma.

DSC06088 DSC06091

Ring the bell and say a prayer.

DSC06092 DSC06094

driving miss daisy

I love to see 4 generations of family together, the girls are lucky to have their great-grandpa live nearby.  Ojichan lives right behind Qumi’s parents and can stop by easily.  He is looking great for his age and loves playing with the girls.


Also, Qumi’s friends from fukushima can stop by as well.  I met most of them years ago at a BBQ, where the host kept showing me (and pouring for me) his secret sake stash.


Be careful with these girls on the road, I am not sure they understand the concept of “defensive driving”.


kodomo no hi こどもの日

I have a ton of pictures to catch up on, so the next couple of posts will be from when the girls spent a month in Japan.

Here are a few shots of fukushima around kodomo no hi, or children’s day on May 5th.  You can read about it here.  This one is mostly for the boys as the girls have their own day back in March.  Each boy hangs his own carp kite and flies them for days.  Below are a ton of kites over the local river.

DSC06020 DSC06034

So cute the way they hold hands.


The girls tried out some kaiten sushi for the first time, not raw fish – but at least the experience.  Essentially there is a never ending line of sushi that travels throughout the restaurant on a conveyor belt.  The quality is usually not nearly as good as a proper bar, but cheap and fun.  According to Qumi though, there is a new twist on this.  When you order specific sushi, there is a separate track with a shinkansen train that delivers your order fast.  Pretty cool.


Here are the girls enjoying a local play group, unfortunately there aren’t many kids that showed up this day.  Those blocks are huge and they seem to enjoy them, I am going to have to pick some up.

DSC06051 DSC06052


Until next time!