obon in fukushima

This was the first obon since jiji passed, and we all headed to Japan. I only had about 5 days this time, but all three ladies are staying another week. It was great being able to mostly relax without any where we needed to run to. We visited some friends and went to the Koriyama matsuri, also welcomed in one of Qumi’s friends with a new baby girl! Had some kaiten sushi, blew up a ton of fireworks, and generally had a great time. I will miss them while I head back to Singapore in an hour, but the business class upgrade certainly helped 🙂

On the shinkansen to Fukushima, green car!
False advertising, its a juice vending machine
Katie is so excited to get ready for the matsuri
Kristie initially fought getting dressed, but baba was able to convince her
Free stuff!
All 3 girls dressed for the summer festival in Koriyama
Katie looks like an angel in this picture


Kristie was ready for ice cream and had enough of the parade by this point
Biggest taiko drum ever
Gotta love Japan, fireworks sold everywhere
Our haul for the girls first hanabi
It’s nice to get a break and watch some baseball while the girls play with puzzles
Special request for dinner one night from Kristie
She absolutely loves them
Somehow Katie wound up with all the shells though

sushi express

While in Japan, Qumi took the girls to kaiten sushi.  You have to love a sushi place that also serves french fries.  No wonder my kids love this place.  We are already back from the trip and the girls were looking at the pictures and they miss their baba and jiji (grandparents).

DSC06681 DSC06679 DSC06690DSC06687

This place is pretty funny as they have a special shinkansen train that delivers your special orders directly to you.  Qumi grabbed a short video.

And finally a few shots from the local play gym.

DSC06675 DSC06671

good morning papa

Well, I just dropped off the family in Japan again for their visits with baba and jiji in Fukushima. It was the typical crazy weekend that has us on a plane to Japan, trains to Fukushima and 1 night sleep before I do it all over again back to Singapore the next morning. This time had a twist though, shortly after arriving I got violently ill and spent the 1 day there absolutely miserable. I wish I was able to spend more time with the kids, but I didn’t know what I had and didn’t want them to get sick.
In any case, shortly after I got to work this morning, Qumi sent along this to cheer me up.

It’s only been about 12 hours since I am back to Singapore and the realization they aren’t home hasn’t really set in yet. Qumi made me promise not to substitute the family for pizza this time since last time they went away I gained 5kg.