catching up

Well, its been a while since I got a chance to upload some photos so here are a bunch.

Our friend Junior from Japan (now Australia) sent us a huge box of toys for the girls and the dogs!  Kaitlin doesn’t know what to make of them just yet, but Kristin is just having fun.

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There is a great little park near our house with a well manicured lawn.  Most afternoons you can find tons of kids running around and having a great time.


Kristin loves her pancakes, so much that she eats 2 at a time!


Kaitlin loves them too, but enjoys making a mess just as much!


Qumi’s friend, whom is also a twins mama, threw a birthday party for her girls that just turned one.  Kristin sat quietly, while it took several tries for Kaitlin.  The results are below and seemed to last at least an hour or so.

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The girls just love turning on and off the lights.


Thomas the train and the girls wearing their new GNR shirts.

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Probably a bit too short to dunk yet.


Nothing better then a bubble bath hat.


Saturday at the Botanic Gardens.


Qumi found a great Christmas themed sing-a-long class that we went with one of her friends.


Kristin found the apples.



Back in Tokyo for a few days before we head to Fukushima and Nikko.  These couple of days were mostly for Qumi to get a chance to hang out with her friends before she spends the month in Fukushima.

We walked around a bit, Tokyo is not double stroller friendly but we managed somehow. There was a little alley next to the hotel that only allowed people through.  It was great to let the girls run around and burn off their excess energy.

I also met up with Tad and his ninja – he was not feeling great from his night out before, but  it was good to see him.  Bill was able to have some super high-calorie banana and heavy cream crepe, so he was happy.

We also found cute little beer cans, I bought them as a souvenir for Bill to take back, but had to take the photo opportunity to snap a couple pictures of the girls with them.

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