Jenn came for a visit :)

Aunt Jenn (our temporary nanny) braved the 24 hour flight from NY to Singapore to spend some time with us. We did some very typical Singaporean things, and some not so typical stuff.

Cutie Pies

Kaitlin has been practicing and finally sitting well on her own. She still needs some help to get to the position, but can sit there for a while once there. Kristin is starting to get the hang of it, she can sit for 5 seconds or so.

Sitting up alone Mommy and Kristin DSC02881

Gong Xi Fa Cai (Happy Lunar New Year)

Gong xi fa cai DSC02686

We stopped off for lunch at Din Tai Fun which is a chain from a Michelin rated restaurant in Taiwan. Below are the Shrimp and Crab dumplings.

Shrimp and Crab dumplings

Xiao Lun Bao!  The specialty!

xiao lun bao

Just by luck, we stumbled across the annual Thaipusam festival in Singapore. Thaipusam is a hindu festival in which devotees pierce their skin with metal rods and attach a large altar to it, then walk about 4km (2.5 miles) barefoot through the streets of Singapore. And you thought your morning was tough. I zoomed in so you can see the rods going through his chest.

That's gotta hurt

1st holiday

The girls finally got to use those passports we got them. Their first stamp is Phuket, Thailand and they just love it here. We booked a huge loft at the Angsana with plenty of room for use and Aunt Jenn, who is visiting from NY. She mentioned its about -12 degrees in NY right now, so I am sure the 32 degrees weather is really nice for her.

The flight was mostly uneventful with a few screams here and there, but both girls fell asleep shortly after take off. Not sure if that is just the fact the flight is only 1.5 hours, or if they are going to be good fliers.






Not sure how this post is going to look, it’s the first time doing it on the iPad.

First Christmas

Merry Christmas! Since the girls will be getting baptized soon, I decided to buy them their first cross. Of course I choose a Tiffanys one and got a matching slightly larger one for Qumi. Now all three girls will be able to coordinate their outfits/accessories when going out.DSC02349

Super excited for Christmas – Super excited for Tiffanys.DSC02353

Kaitlin just cant wait and pulled the box out of my hand.DSC02369

Perfect angels.DSC02376

Hopefully the girls wont be waiting all year long expecting more blue boxes hung on the tree next Christmas.DSC02380

Thanksgiving in Singapore

For those of you that live away from your home country, you will miss certain things. It could be good taco’s, Haggis, or even fresh sushi – for me its usually Thanksgiving. This year I hosted a small group of friends from Australia, Ireland, Philippines and Hong Kong (via Canada). I brined the turkey and made stuffing and gravy, the oven was a bit too hot and cooked the bird a little fast – still wasn’t that bad.

Below is Isabella, the beautiful offspring of our friends Jerry and Sheilve. She seems to love that ball 🙂  She is only a couple short weeks younger then our girls.

Here is Jerry holding one of my little angels – he tells me how hard it is to raise a child, I tell him to try raising 2 at once.

And here is Annalissa (sp?).  She is James’ and Penny’s little one.  About 2 years old now and ridiculously cute as a button.

Gordon – our Hongkie originally from NY and Canada. He is grandpa with his own partner and just adores our (and all) kids out there.