kona beach

Just because the house was nice didn’t mean that we were going to miss hitting the beach while we were there. We let the rest of family try a few beaches to find the best ones and we joined later.  Here is one of everyone’s favourites.  The sand was clean, white and plentiful.  The water was warm (warmer than our pool), clear and had fish swimming around us.  There was some shade for the kids to play in the sand.

DSC06840 DSC06842 DSC06849

Working together to fill that bucket.

DSC06850 DSC06853 DSC06857

After all that fun in the sun, everyone was ready for lunch.  Again – I relied on the recommendations from the family that had been here before and they picked a great restaurant that sat on another beach just down the road.


So much fun in fact Katie passed out pretty quickly.

DSC06875 DSC06878

Qumi got to enjoy her pineapple fried rice!


And the cousins Gianna and Joey played with Katie and Kristie.

DSC06888 DSC06891

There is no denying that the big island is a volcano – in many places it looks like it just erupted and left behind all the black lava rocks.


hanging around the house

The house my dad rented was so beautiful, it didn’t make a ton of sense to leave it that much.  Many of the days were spent lounging around, jumping in the pool, BBQ’ing, and taking long naps.  Here are a few shots from those days.

DSC06790 DSC06792 DSC06794 DSC06796 DSC06798

When we weren’t hanging at the house, we spent a lot of time shopping.  So much that we needed to pick up another bag to bring all the stuff home.

happy fathers day

Qumi is taking annual photos of the girls holding this sign, this year they didn’t want to participate.  I give her credit though, she tried harder than you can possibly imagine.  These are just a few shots, but based on the number of pictures in the camera – she really, really, really tried this year.  The girls weren’t always the most cooperative. Thanks Bae – I love you!

DSC06182 DSC06186 DSC06203