christmas 2014

A bit overdue, but here goes. Changi Airport (best airport in the world) held a Disney Christmas this year. You didn’t need to fly, just show up and enjoy what they had to offer. We were heading over there to pick up a friend that was visiting, so we brought the girls and let them have some fun. They had Mickey & Minnie to take photos with, a giant bouncy castle (the girls weren’t big enough) and Christmas Workshop. The workshop had an hourly laser light show and “snow” – yes it apparently can snow in Singapore.

DSC07311 DSC07335 DSC07328 DSC07327 DSC07320

tokyo disney

Since there are no direct flights from Hawaii to Singapore, we decided to stay a night in Tokyo.  This allowed us to break up the trip so the kids weren’t jammed into planes for 17 hours in one day. With a full day in Tokyo, we decided to hit up Tokyo Disney around lunch time and still till it got dark.  The girls loved it as you can imagine and I can’t wait to bring them back again.

DSC07016 DSC07132 DSC07121 DSC07118 DSC07090 DSC07081 DSC07047 DSC07046 DSC07041