The girls love hanging out in their birthday suits, but of course we keep diapers on them. Kaitlin has peed on me and the floor more then once while she is fully naked, so we are extremely cautious.


The girls love their Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


Up close and personal


Finally drinking some juice. Kristin almost never drinks anything but milk, so its a struggle to keep her hydrated. A little Isotonic mix and she will drink it all, but we are trying to limit the sugar.


Kung Fu Kaitlin


Almost looks a bit like Jack Nicholson from “The Shining”



Great News Today

It’s confirmed, the girls are coming home this weekend. The staff at the NICU have been working to prep us, and forcing us to start changing and bathing them. Apparently there is some kind of test, not sure what happens if we fail. Overall the girls are doing great and Kaitlin is 2,121gm 2,292gm, while Kristin is 1,944gm.  They are feeding really well and improving their “suction strength” each day. Their hearing and eyes were checked this week and both seem to be good, whew!

Of course with every “up”, there needs to be a little “down”. Today Kristin’s allergy showed up again. Neither Qumi or I are convinced its a milk allergy, but the doctors are pretty sure. We will be putting her on more of the hypo-allergenic formula to see if we can reduce its occurrence.

Next step will be how we introduce them to the dogs, but that is a problem for tomorrow 🙂