pu’uhonua o hōnaunau

Good luck trying to pronounce that name. It is a national park about 45 minutes south of where we were staying in Hawaii. It was refuge for the Hawaiian royalty of old.  The large stone walls were built around 1550 and still standing (although they did say they re-enforced parts of them). What a beautiful background though and the sun was shining – what a nice day.

DSC06909 DSC06918 DSC06927 DSC06928

You can’t tell from the picture below, but there was a sea turtle swimming around near the shore.

DSC06930DSC06921 DSC06938 DSC06939

Qumi likes to point out that when I take pictures, I don’t always pay attention to everything going on.  Case in point, below Lisa is still in the shot. Oh well, I guess this is why I still have a day job.

DSC06948 DSC06950 DSC06958

My brother Scott and his family came along to “get some nature” as he put it.

DSC06962 DSC06976

After only a short time there, we realised the girls were starting to get sunburn even though we put sunscreen on twice in 20 minutes.


This old junker was just on the side of the road, but I thought it looked pretty cool, so I had Qumi snap a quick picture.