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Yoshi came for a visit and girls had a lot of fun. We tried to get out as much as possible and have food & drinks.

Sunday breakfast at Food for Thought, at the Botanic Gardens. The eggs are always good and Qumi tried the pancakes this time, they were awesome! The best part is you get to feel good about eating there, as a portion of the money goes to a number of different causes.


A quick call while enjoying the scenery of Sentosa from Vivo City. We had a good snack at Marche and a walk around the mall. Brooks Brothers decided to give up on selling suits in a country where the average temp is 32c (90f), now they focus on casual clothes – I may start shopping there again. 🙂


Nothing better then a quick breakfast at the local bakery, we walked down to Cedele for eggs and pastries.


Some Friday night drinks and dinner down by the Singapore river at Boomerang, the local Australian Pub. Best part about this place is they have Magners Cider and a proper espresso. Best of both worlds, I had the mini wagyu burgers.

Boomerang K&K Kristin-3

Until next time.

Sunday Funday

Instead of the usual shopping malls and coffee shops, we met up with some friends for “Sunday Funday” on the Singapore River. Today, Sunday Funday is much more grown up then what used to happen in NYC, here we meet up with our kids, eat a proper breakfast, and worry about which place has a diaper changing table. The NYC version had me up at 6am to catch the Man U match and about 8 beers, then Spicy Rednecks and PBR Tall Boys from Crif Dogs, a quick nap at home and out to catch the Jets lose game after game.

Since I wanted a well deserved pint or several, we jumped in the taxi with the kids in their carriers. Kaitlin didn’t look to happy first thing in the morning, but she settled in nicely and slept most of the morning.

Hey, where are you taking me so early?
Hey, where are you taking me so early?

Kristin was a little better, but also slept most of the morning.


We choose the Boomarang Bar in Robertson Quay, a great Aussie bar and grill that is family friendly and serves one of the best breakfasts in Singapore, along with Magners & Bullmers Cider over ice.


Family photo for the brief moments they were both awake. I love taking the girls out of the house, the Singapore heat and humidity generally keeps them asleep.


I think Owen was getting a bit bored sitting around the table while the adults drank and talked. He certainly kept his dad busy running around the river side.


Here is Asuka holding Kaitlin giving us a few great moments to watch the England vs New Zealand match.


I have learned that taller bottles allow for easier drinking – not for the kids, but for me. As seen below, you can use your chin to hold the bottle freeing up your other hand for your pint.

Using the chin to hold the bottle, while sipping your pint - that's ingenious.
Using the chin to hold the bottle, while sipping your pint – that’s ingenious.

Owen really got a kick out the ice, Wayne was happy too since it wasn’t at home and didn’t have to clean up afterwards.


Family outing, but not to the doctors office

So far, everytime we packed the kids up to leave the house, it was for a doctor appointment – not today. Since its National Day in Singapore, I have the day off and decided to get up and head down for a late breakfast at the local coffee shop. As expected of new parents we packed up everything they might need and then some, loaded up the stroller and headed down the hill to Novena Velocity Mall. We found a nice little table with plenty of space to put the double long stroller beside and ordered. The food was just ok, and the Iced Tea is exactly the same as it usually is, but it was nice to be out of the house – all four of us.

We got through breakfast and even had a little more time to share a piece of cheesecake, then like a storm in Singapore, it all turned bad. Katilin started first and so I grabbed the stroller and went for a quick spin around the mall – didn’t help. Qumi then decided to feed her a bit – didn’t help. I grabbed her and headed to the bathroom for a quick change, of course there was none of those handy koala changing tables when I needed it – also didn’t stop her from crying. And that was when Kristin started…

At this point we decided to cut our losses and run down to the market to pick up some food for dinner. Qumi wound up driving them all around the market to try to keep them calm, while I picked up things for tonight (Steak, yum!).

The whole two hour outing was fun, but exhausting. This weekend is another day and can’t wait to try again – perhaps a full lunch on Saturday ♥