Katie and Kristie love birds for some reason. They stop every time they see one. They chase them as soon as they see one. They get angry if you pull them away from them.

So we decided to take them to the Jurong Bird Park the day after their birthday. We packed some sandwiches and lots of sunscreen and went to the other side of Singapore.

Timing was good as we arrived just as the main bird show was about to start. We grabbed some good seats directly in the middle and waited for the start.

DSC06260 DSC06261

Lots of flamingos and giant macaw flying in. We got lucky with our seats as the birds needed to fly directly overheard during the show. This meant only a foot or so above our heads, the girls were amazed.


There was a bunch of small yellow and purple birds in here, it took a while to get the girls away. I believe it was Kaitlin that kept screaming “no, buh bye” every time I tried to get her to move on.


Flamingo alley.


Yes there are giant storks behind me, luckily none of them pecked our eyes out.


Our little humboldt penguin 🙂


happy birthday, still

For the second half of the day, we took the girls to a play gym.  We weren’t really sure what to expect, and thought the girls would be shy or nervous, but we were wrong.  They took off through this gym like crazy, laughing and screaming the whole time.

Kaitlin hanging out in the tunnel.


Kristin isn’t quite walking on her own yet, she is a bit more cautious then her sister, but she loved this walker. She spent half the time in the gym running with it from one end to the other.


I think this was meant to slide down, but Kaitlin just wanted to climb up.


Another tunnel


Kaitlin ran for the steps and Qumi had to chase after her.  She made it to the top, leaving Qumi more then a bit nervous.


The girls got a huge present from Yuka-chan, their unofficial aunt!  They spent several minutes playing with the ribbon before we helped them open it.


Its a great wooden toy that teaches them coordination.  For the first little while they spent most of the time putting the pieces in their mouths.  Kristin though eventually figured it out and put the pieces in the right spot to watch them roll down the levels.  This toy is great and we saw it in Japan, but couldn’t bring it back with us.  We are all so happy the girls have it.


Mom made a special dinner for their birthday including fruit donuts in different shapes.  They loved them more then anything so far.  I think Qumi is going to be forced to make these more often.


The cake – even though they cant try it.


Today was one of the best days we ever spent together as a family.  It was long and crazy, but the girls really loved it. So much that they took 3 naps today. Let’s hope they can sleep all the way through tonight – that would be a great birthday gift for me 🙂