Bali, Indonesia May 2016

Trying to catch up with some posts, in May we headed to Bali for a weekend with Bill. This time we stayed in Nusa Dua, on the south side in a private gated resort area. We choose the Westin as it was promised to have a great kids club and overall family friendly vibe.

The resort itself was great, very clean and big – we booked a family style room and the girls got their own bean bag chairs.

The best part was of course the beach though. The sand is man-made and brought in constantly to keep it looking good, they sweep the beach several times a day to get rid of trash or seaweed that might have washed ashore. The girls loved building sand castles.beach Krisp Krisp2

We rented a day bed and gazebo so we can lounge all day and watch the kids playing in the sand. Great burgers and fries as well.P0710071 P0930093 P0860086 P0750075

A whole family of squirrels came over and you can feed them right out of your hand, although the staff told us its much safer with a cup. There was a guy selling ice cream nearby and he gave us a couple of cups with nuts in them to let the girls feed the squirrels.P1040104 P1150115 P1660166

The staff setup a little fishing adventure for the kids, you get to catch and release all the fish in their pond. Katie must have caught like 30.
P2070207 P1840184

All in all, it was a great trip and looking forward to heading back someday.P1710171 P0520052