Back in Tokyo for a few days before we head to Fukushima and Nikko.  These couple of days were mostly for Qumi to get a chance to hang out with her friends before she spends the month in Fukushima.

We walked around a bit, Tokyo is not double stroller friendly but we managed somehow. There was a little alley next to the hotel that only allowed people through.  It was great to let the girls run around and burn off their excess energy.

I also met up with Tad and his ninja – he was not feeling great from his night out before, but  it was good to see him.  Bill was able to have some super high-calorie banana and heavy cream crepe, so he was happy.

We also found cute little beer cans, I bought them as a souvenir for Bill to take back, but had to take the photo opportunity to snap a couple pictures of the girls with them.

Tokyo01 Tokyo02 Tokyo08 Tokyo07 Tokyo06 Tokyo05 Tokyo12 Tokyo11 Tokyo10 Tokyo09 Tokyo03Tokyo04

Singapore River Cruise

The best way to see Singapore is via a boat up the Singapore river. With a guide and audio tour, you would be surprised how much you learn about this place. I have taken this cruise at least a dozen times and still enjoy it. I used to bring along a few beers, but now with the girls its a Starbucks iced tea. This was the girls first boat voyage and as displayed below, I am not sure Kaitlin was impressed…

Kristin looks pretty sleepy as well, at least they were screaming the whole time.

The Fullerton Hotel and Mer-sama watching over it.

A few beers afterwards to make up for missing them on the boat. Mom got to have her dark beer and Kaitlin was busy watching the rugby.

While Kaitlin was busy with the rugby, Kristin was enjoying a peaceful nap in the stroller – she always looks like an angel when she is sleeping.

1 million dollars…

Till next time.

Waiting for sleep

The girls are about 7 weeks old now, so that means 7 weeks without sleep. Everyone keeps assuring me that this is going to end at about 3 months or so, but I am not convinced. 

Today was the girls first set of shots, BCM and Hep B. Kaitlin was up first and wow was she screaming, so much so that Kristin started screaming out of sympathy. The shots were over quickly, but she still wasn’t happy. Kristin wasn’t any better, she screamed just as loud and just as long. Luckily the girls were also hungry at the same time, so a quick bottle right after and they were just good as new.

Qumi has been working day and night to take care of these girls, they are a handful. She has been so great for me, allowing me to sleep most of the nights and she deserves a break now and then. Here she is with the girls taking a quick nap between feeds.

One bottle for me, one bottle for Kristin! One bottle for me, Kristin was still on her first. One more bottle for me, and she was already sleeping. Its great to take them down to the local mall and have a beer and some lunch without them screaming the whole time.