playhouse and tapas


Qumi took the girls to The Playhouse in Rochester Park the other day and met up with a bunch of friends.  This is a great little Spanish restaurant combined with an indoor/outdoor play house.  It is housed in an old colonial building and has a lot of great charm. Here is Kaitlin and Ryunosuke having fun in the ball pit.


Everyone saw how fun this was, so they all jumped in.  Here we have Kaitlin & Kristin, Ryunosuke, Mizuki & Eiki.


Proud mama with her babies.

4 5

Kaitlin had the MMRV shot recently and started to have a reaction while she was having fun.  Luckily it was just cosmetic and didn’t slow her down at all.


Time to admit it, they might have colic

Well its been a week since grandma left and it was tough. The girls were screaming all day and night, I think its time to admit it – they probably have colic. It seems that it is more common in babies with milk/lactose allergies. Sometimes they just scream and scream and scream – and other times they sleep. The good news is that it does end I have been told, and only a couple more weeks (or months) till they will be sleeping through the night.

Daddy doing his best to keep them calm.

The girls playing in their new floor gym. Not sure they really get it, but will stare at the stuff hanging on occasion. 

Here are the angels holding hands, they love each other – at least for this picture.

Until next time… I will try to update this blog more often, but usually haven’t had the time. Hopefully when the girls start sleeping through the night.

Great News Today

It’s confirmed, the girls are coming home this weekend. The staff at the NICU have been working to prep us, and forcing us to start changing and bathing them. Apparently there is some kind of test, not sure what happens if we fail. Overall the girls are doing great and Kaitlin is 2,121gm 2,292gm, while Kristin is 1,944gm.  They are feeding really well and improving their “suction strength” each day. Their hearing and eyes were checked this week and both seem to be good, whew!

Of course with every “up”, there needs to be a little “down”. Today Kristin’s allergy showed up again. Neither Qumi or I are convinced its a milk allergy, but the doctors are pretty sure. We will be putting her on more of the hypo-allergenic formula to see if we can reduce its occurrence.

Next step will be how we introduce them to the dogs, but that is a problem for tomorrow 🙂

No more lazy days

Yesterday before we left, Kaitlin got mad and yanked her feeding tube out of her nose (again!!!). The staff decided not to bother putting it back in until the doctor saw her the next day, hoping he would just say leave it out. Well this morning, her tube was gone, but so was Kristin’s! That means both will have to actually eat themselves when they get hungry, no more sleeping all day and miraculously their belly’s get full. The doctor also left me a voicemail saying they are both probably coming home in a week’s time. Together!!!

All of this happened this morning, and of course when we headed back for the afternoon feed, Kristin was showing more signs of her allergy. They still think it’s a cow’s milk allergy, but I am not so sure anymore. Qumi is on a super strict diet, and they are using the most extreme (read expensive) hypo-allergic formula for the times there isn’t enough milk.

Other great news is that it has been almost a week with our new helper, and things are going well. Let’s hope it stays that way.