For christmas, Santa brought the girls some new scooters and helmets. Pink for Kristie and Purple for Katie. These Mini-Micro scooters are just the right size for 2-3 year olds and most of the kids in Singapore seem to have them. We started easy by letting them ride in the apartment, then ventured out into the real world. Kristie mastered it pretty quickly and we are now running after her all over the place, Katie still wants a little help (even though she can do it on her own).

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christmas 2014

A bit overdue, but here goes. Changi Airport (best airport in the world) held a Disney Christmas this year. You didn’t need to fly, just show up and enjoy what they had to offer. We were heading over there to pick up a friend that was visiting, so we brought the girls and let them have some fun. They had Mickey & Minnie to take photos with, a giant bouncy castle (the girls weren’t big enough) and Christmas Workshop. The workshop had an hourly laser light show and “snow” – yes it apparently can snow in Singapore.

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sentosa by cable car

In continuing our adventures with grandma, we headed over to Sentosa over the weekend. This time by cable car. You can Fly with Super Heroes as you make your way. We grabbed a Superman car on the way there and Batman on the way back. The girls now associate with these super heroes – Katie is Batman and Kristie is Superman. As you make your way to Sentosa, you can see the dolphins swimming at the aquarium. Tried as hard as I could, but the girls just couldn’t spot them. Maybe next time.

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gardens by the bay

This is the first time since the girls were born that I didn’t post here for an entire month. I contemplated cheating and back-dating a few posts, but that wouldn’t be right. I have hundreds of photos to go through from the end of 2014 till today, so there will be many coming in the next few weeks. Some will be out of order, but hopefully still make sense.

Grandma came to visit and she loves flowers and fauna, so we decided to head to Gardens by the Bay. The girls made it through the first section which is a giant waterfall and mountain, but started getting antsy towards the end. I took them over to the children’s section while Qumi and Grandma checked out the flowers. The children’s section has the normal slides and swings, but it also includes a giant water fountain that you can run through. A quick change into their new bathing suits and away they went.

S__1450063 S__1450065 S__1450064 S__1450061 S__1450060 S__1450059

Of course, I had to get in on the fun. It was a hot day! Although I should have been more careful with the sun block as my shoulders are now as red as lobsters.

S__1450066 S__1450067

All in all, they had a great day and we stopped for some sandwiches before heading home.

S__1450072 S__1450074

Don’t worry, it won’t take another month for the next post. Just need to find a bit of time in between the Game of Thrones marathons.