Katie and Kristie love birds for some reason. They stop every time they see one. They chase them as soon as they see one. They get angry if you pull them away from them.

So we decided to take them to the Jurong Bird Park the day after their birthday. We packed some sandwiches and lots of sunscreen and went to the other side of Singapore.

Timing was good as we arrived just as the main bird show was about to start. We grabbed some good seats directly in the middle and waited for the start.

DSC06260 DSC06261

Lots of flamingos and giant macaw flying in. We got lucky with our seats as the birds needed to fly directly overheard during the show. This meant only a foot or so above our heads, the girls were amazed.


There was a bunch of small yellow and purple birds in here, it took a while to get the girls away. I believe it was Kaitlin that kept screaming “no, buh bye” every time I tried to get her to move on.


Flamingo alley.


Yes there are giant storks behind me, luckily none of them pecked our eyes out.


Our little humboldt penguin 🙂