universal studios singapore

And finally, the last post from Sentosa and the girls birthday weekends. Sorry they are late, but better than never 🙂  As part of the hotel package we got free passes to Universal Studios and the girls first experience with a theme park. They loved most of it, but I think its a lot for them in 1 day.

Madagascar was fun and there was a boat ride, but they were so short  in the car, I am not sure they really saw anything. The also loved the merry-go-round and we rode that a couple of times.

DSC06624 DSC06625

We were able to get them to sit next to King Julien, but this was the best picture we were able to get.

DSC06633 Universal Studios Madagascar


Lesson learned, never the 2 year olds play with your camera. You will get tons of pictures like the ones below. This was only a couple of the 50 they took in about 3 minutes while Qumi and I looked at the map to see where to go next.

DSC06646 DSC06641 DSC06640 DSC06639


An easy dinner after a long day around Sentosa at Trapizza. This pizza place is right on the beach with a pretty good playground for the kids. Genny came to help us out which made it a little more relaxing for Qumi and I.

DSC06576 DSC06578 DSC06580 DSC06585 DSC06587

Kristie never lets me put her hair in a pony tail, she is usually shaking her head and screaming no! For reason, this night was ok.


After dinner we stopped by the hard rock bar to catch a bit of the live band before putting the kids to bed. Not sure they totally loved it, but smiled and laughed at some points.

DSC06600 DSC06607