Back in Tokyo for a few days before we head to Fukushima and Nikko.  These couple of days were mostly for Qumi to get a chance to hang out with her friends before she spends the month in Fukushima.

We walked around a bit, Tokyo is not double stroller friendly but we managed somehow. There was a little alley next to the hotel that only allowed people through.  It was great to let the girls run around and burn off their excess energy.

I also met up with Tad and his ninja – he was not feeling great from his night out before, but  it was good to see him.  Bill was able to have some super high-calorie banana and heavy cream crepe, so he was happy.

We also found cute little beer cans, I bought them as a souvenir for Bill to take back, but had to take the photo opportunity to snap a couple pictures of the girls with them.

Tokyo01 Tokyo02 Tokyo08 Tokyo07 Tokyo06 Tokyo05 Tokyo12 Tokyo11 Tokyo10 Tokyo09 Tokyo03Tokyo04

thailand with grandpa

Since grandpa was here, we headed up to Phuket for a couple days.  This time we stayed in the south at Karon Beach.  This is the same resort Qumi and I went to on our first trip to Thailand.  Movenpick has a great reputation and didn’t disappoint this time either.  We got a large apartment style room, right across from the beach.  It had two bedrooms, huge living room and a small kitchen.  The week went well except for a little incident at the pool, but we recovered from that quickly.  No more pool bar with the kids!

Thailand01 Thailand02 Thailand07 Thailand08 Thailand06 Thailand05 Thailand04 Thailand13 Thailand03 Thailand12 Thailand11 Thailand09 Thailand10 Thailand18 Thailand19 Thailand17 Thailand16 Thailand15 Thailand14 Thailand21 Thailand20