happy birthday

Its been a whole year, last year at 18:48 Kaitlin was born followed by Kristin 1 minute later.  So today we celebrated our survival, if we can make the 1st year, the rest will be easy.  We headed to Sentosa Island to see the aquarium.  sentosa

Resorts World is a cool place, there is a little bit of everything.  What’s really nice is that you are outside, but mostly under cover to avoid any rain.


The aquarium starts with a tunnel through one of the large tanks. If you look closely you can see the girls are amazed and just staring at the ceiling. They loved every minute!


Did you say something about a shark?


This aquarium is huge!  They claim the largest viewable tank in the world, and I believe it. The main tank has a 3 story wall that just goes forever.


Here is Kristin trying to grab the fish.


The girls loved being able to get up close to the tanks. Here they are playing footsie against the glass.


The strangest fish here – Its the cuttlefish, delicious but certainly strange looking.


Qumi educated the girls on the different fish – which ones are tasty, which are not.


This cylinder forces the fish to swim around in circles the whole time.  The girls kept laughing at the amount of fish coming by.

cylinder floor

The next thing to check out in Sentosa is Universal Studios, although we have to decide when the girls will actually appreciate it – maybe in a couple of years.


I have more pictures from today and will post them soon.

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  1. Happy Birthday Girls! While you were at Sentosa, we were on vacation. Still thinking of you! Missed you in Disney. ºoº

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