The girls survived more then 10 months without getting sick, so when Kristin had a small cold for the past week, we didn’t think much of it. When Kaitlin also got the cold, but much worse we brought them to the doctor – result: bronchitis. Its a tough time at the bovaird house, neither girl is sleeping well, which means that none of the adults are sleeping well. On top of it all, I think I am catching their virus.

This was Qumi’s first mothers day and I made it home from Las Vegas just in time, unfortunately I missed her birthday.  Hopefully the flowers helped to make up for it.Happy Mothers Day

I don’t wanna sleep – I don’t care if its nap time

Someone won't sleep

Yeah!  Bath time!

Bath Time twins

The girls love Kogu and Kogu tolerates the girls. Today Kristin was gently petting Kogu until she grabbed a huge chunk of fur and yanked it out, Kogu just sat there and didn’t move.  Great dog!

Moggu twins 1