japan and beyond


It has been a hectic couple of months, difficult to get time to post up here, but hopefully the last couple will make up for it. We are all home, safe and sound and settling back into a routine. After that last flight, we will have to really think hard about dragging the girls on another plane anytime soon. We are going to wait till grandpa comes for a visit to see where he will be taking us in Sept or Oct.

We replaced our maid and still going through a new learning curve, its amazing how comfortable you can get in a current routine only to have to start over again with someone new. Anyway – no regrets and we are moving forward.


The gang is all here

13 12

Kaitlin enjoying a bar on the 27th floor in downtown Tokyo


So peaceful when they sleep


Sharing or fighting, I am not sure

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Grandma, 2 great aunts, 1 aunt and uncle and a cousin – and of course mommy in the middle.


Enjoying some sunshine in Fukushima


Enjoying the plane ride up to Japan. The staff at ANA were great and very friendly both trips. The girls loved the trip up to Japan, but hated the trip back down. We were that family in the front of the plane with 2 screaming babies for 9 and a half hours.


A great shot of the girls with their grandpa and great-grandpa.

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Casual and relaxed leaning in that little corner

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