gong xi fa cai

Happy Lunar New Year! It’s Chinese new year in Singapore and that means its a four day weekend. Everything shuts down and people spend time with their families. Even the shopping malls are closed – the only thing left is Starbucks.

Four days off with the girls is great but exhausting, now that they are moving around, we spend half the time chasing them around. I love the bumbo chair as it locks them in for at least a couple minutes.Bumbo

Kaitlin is no longer just dragging her belly across the floor, she is pushing up on her knees and now starting to pull up. Its time to lower the crib mattress, cover all outlets, attach the bumpers on all furniture, lock all draws, etc.

Crazy Hair ROFLMFAO DSC03057

Sunday at Starbucks? it certainly doesn’t look like any Sunday at Starbucks. With Chinese new year in full swing, no one is around.

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