enjoying the view & dogs shouldn’t sleep like this

The week following Aunt Jenn’s visit was a bit tough as we were back to reality again. Having her here was a huge help and girls definitely miss her. We were able to get a few shots of them smiling though.


Kristin sitting up (barely). She can hold that position for about 5 seconds, so she is well on her way to full stability.


In their PJs!

DSC02945 DSC02948

Black & White really is dramatic sometimes.


Enjoying the afternoon on the balcony staring off into distance. The breeze was great, and they loved being out there.

Surveying the land

Yuna -chan came for a visit!


Dogs don’t normally sleep like this, but Inu is a bizarre one.

This is just strange! DSC03019 DSC03023 2 beauties