WWE Divas & The Sistine Chapel

The girls are getting bigger and stronger everyday, this past week has been really noticeable for some reason. We went through their draws and took out all the small items that no longer fit them. They were wearing the onesies below only a month ago or so.

DSC02412Kaitlin is obviously the older sister and makes sure that Kristin knows it on a regular basis. I have been teaching them wrestling moves so that when they get older they can keep up with their dad.DSC02422one, two, three – Kaitlin wins the World Featherweight Infant Championship. DSC02504DSC02431This picture reminds me something I saw once:

DSC02493 This looks much better! (This is a family blog, so I blocked the dirty parts)italy-sistine--1 copy

The gang is all here!DSC02516 The jungle gym before Kaitlin starts playing… DSC02524

Within 30 seconds…


How could you not love that smile 🙂DSC02535