Thanksgiving in Singapore

For those of you that live away from your home country, you will miss certain things. It could be good taco’s, Haggis, or even fresh sushi – for me its usually Thanksgiving. This year I hosted a small group of friends from Australia, Ireland, Philippines and Hong Kong (via Canada). I brined the turkey and made stuffing and gravy, the oven was a bit too hot and cooked the bird a little fast – still wasn’t that bad.

Below is Isabella, the beautiful offspring of our friends Jerry and Sheilve. She seems to love that ball 🙂  She is only a couple short weeks younger then our girls.

Here is Jerry holding one of my little angels – he tells me how hard it is to raise a child, I tell him to try raising 2 at once.

And here is Annalissa (sp?).  She is James’ and Penny’s little one.  About 2 years old now and ridiculously cute as a button.

Gordon – our Hongkie originally from NY and Canada. He is grandpa with his own partner and just adores our (and all) kids out there.