early christmas for the girls

Grandma sent the girls a lot of Christmas presents and they absolutely love them. They love any and all books, so hopefully they turn out smart like their mother – however they also seem to love TV, so there is definitely some of my genes in them. Grandma also sent some toys that attach to the bouncy seat and they just spin them constantly.

Kaitlin and Kristin are getting bigger everyday and now able to fit into some new clothes, the pink and red dresses below are from our friends Penny and James.


I am so happy they love these wooden spinners – it holds their concentration for at least 10 minutes at time.
That is a huge improvement over their normal 2 minutes attention span 🙂


The girls have just about passed the six month mark and are allowed to sit up in the new pink bumbo seat. Kaitlin seems to like it.


Kristin is less impressed though.


Here is Qumi reading one of the new books to Kaitlin and Kristin – its great to see them laughing out loud at the goofy pictures.