Chicken Rice and the Ginger Gardens

In order to truly appreciate Singapore, you need to eat like the locals.  That means either food courts or hawker centers – since we had the girls in tow, we decided on the safer (indoor) food court.  Mom tried the Hainanese Chicken Rice, which is the unofficial national dish of Singapore.  Her reaction is pretty much the same as mine “its just chicken and rice, right?  what am I missing here”.

Here is Qumi enjoying something good – not sure what it was, but looks great 🙂

Me, I stuck with the old Wok Fried “something”.  It could be beef, chicken, pork or prawns, it always tastes the same after frying in MSG.

We had about 20 minutes one afternoon before a doctor’s visit, so mom decided to head to the Botanic Gardens and visit the Ginger Gardens – her reaction was “I had no idea there were that many types of Ginger”.  My reaction was much more sarcastic, but I will let you use your imagination.

Until next time.