First Christmas

Merry Christmas! Since the girls will be getting baptized soon, I decided to buy them their first cross. Of course I choose a Tiffanys one and got a matching slightly larger one for Qumi. Now all three girls will be able to coordinate their outfits/accessories when going out.DSC02349

Super excited for Christmas – Super excited for Tiffanys.DSC02353

Kaitlin just cant wait and pulled the box out of my hand.DSC02369

Perfect angels.DSC02376

Hopefully the girls wont be waiting all year long expecting more blue boxes hung on the tree next Christmas.DSC02380

Sunday Funday

Instead of the usual shopping malls and coffee shops, we met up with some friends for “Sunday Funday” on the Singapore River. Today, Sunday Funday is much more grown up then what used to happen in NYC, here we meet up with our kids, eat a proper breakfast, and worry about which place has a diaper changing table. The NYC version had me up at 6am to catch the Man U match and about 8 beers, then Spicy Rednecks and PBR Tall Boys from Crif Dogs, a quick nap at home and out to catch the Jets lose game after game.

Since I wanted a well deserved pint or several, we jumped in the taxi with the kids in their carriers. Kaitlin didn’t look to happy first thing in the morning, but she settled in nicely and slept most of the morning.

Hey, where are you taking me so early?
Hey, where are you taking me so early?

Kristin was a little better, but also slept most of the morning.


We choose the Boomarang Bar in Robertson Quay, a great Aussie bar and grill that is family friendly and serves one of the best breakfasts in Singapore, along with Magners & Bullmers Cider over ice.


Family photo for the brief moments they were both awake. I love taking the girls out of the house, the Singapore heat and humidity generally keeps them asleep.


I think Owen was getting a bit bored sitting around the table while the adults drank and talked. He certainly kept his dad busy running around the river side.


Here is Asuka holding Kaitlin giving us a few great moments to watch the England vs New Zealand match.


I have learned that taller bottles allow for easier drinking – not for the kids, but for me. As seen below, you can use your chin to hold the bottle freeing up your other hand for your pint.

Using the chin to hold the bottle, while sipping your pint - that's ingenious.
Using the chin to hold the bottle, while sipping your pint – that’s ingenious.

Owen really got a kick out the ice, Wayne was happy too since it wasn’t at home and didn’t have to clean up afterwards.


santa meet kaitlin & kristin, girls please try to smile

Kaitlin & Kristin meet Santa, Santa meet the girls:20121222_0091_1

They already told him they want lots of toys and presents this year as its their first christmas, and every year after on the anniversary. Santa was a little overwhelmed, but expects it from each new child he meets. This year wont mean too much to the girls, but hopefully next year they get a kick out of the season – at least they will get to try my turkey and stuffing.  And hopefully we can teach them to smile at Santa, so he brings more presents for them…DSC02243 DSC02245

Finally the girls’ necks are getting stable and can enjoy their “belly time”. I think they finally “love” each other, or at least tolerate each other – you can tell since they are holding hands, and not in an arm wrestle.DSC02257

Kristin loves the tree, I think she wishes she could climb it.DSC02275

early christmas for the girls

Grandma sent the girls a lot of Christmas presents and they absolutely love them. They love any and all books, so hopefully they turn out smart like their mother – however they also seem to love TV, so there is definitely some of my genes in them. Grandma also sent some toys that attach to the bouncy seat and they just spin them constantly.

Kaitlin and Kristin are getting bigger everyday and now able to fit into some new clothes, the pink and red dresses below are from our friends Penny and James.


I am so happy they love these wooden spinners – it holds their concentration for at least 10 minutes at time.
That is a huge improvement over their normal 2 minutes attention span 🙂


The girls have just about passed the six month mark and are allowed to sit up in the new pink bumbo seat. Kaitlin seems to like it.


Kristin is less impressed though.


Here is Qumi reading one of the new books to Kaitlin and Kristin – its great to see them laughing out loud at the goofy pictures.