a day at vivo city – not quite the flugtag

Singapore hosted its first flugtag this year, and I would have loved to go, but throngs of drunken people and my double stroller don’t really mix. We did the next best thing in Singapore and went shopping. We hit vivo city, the largest mall in Singapore, and right across from Sentosa where they were holding the flugtag.

The Toys R Us here has a lego “Merlion” in the entrance.

Just across the way there is Sentosa – home to Siloso Beach, Universal Studios, Resorts World Casino and some of the most expensive real estate in the world, where the average home goes for S$39,000,000 (USD $32M, JPY 2.5B). But with that price tag you also get a view of all the thousands of cargo ships and oil tankers in the bay.

They didn’t really enjoy sharing a cot, even for the 3 minutes it took to snap some pictures. The best money we ever spent was on that mobile – it spins and plays music for 40 minutes without having to wind it up. The girls just love it.

Based on Kaitlin’s hair below, she is going to be as smart as Einstein.

Been a while

Its been a while since my last post. Grandma has come and stayed for 2 weeks and is back home now. The girls are growing so big, so fast and really starting to smile all the time now. Hopefully that also means that Kaitlin’s colic will be going away soon 🙂

A couple of Qumi’s friends came over the other day with their kids. 3 girls and 1 boy! Must’ve been a handful, but I was at work all day – so I missed the fun. 

Vijay happened to be in town, so he came over for a couple hours before his flight. The girls got to meet their “Indie Uncle” and their 1st person from Japan (not counting grandma). I think he fell in love, so please Vijay – Come back and you can babysit them.

I can’t believe they all dressed up the same, LAME!

Qumi taking the girls to the local Burmese temple.

I will try to keep updating this more often, but any free time I get, I usually just fall asleep (like I am doing now).

Grandma is back!

Grandma is back! She flew in late on Monday night with bags full of goodies from Japan – including some Tokyo Bananas. The girls are happy to see her, and so are Qumi and I. I was able to grab a beer with some friends, and Qumi gets to enjoy a little free time during the day. Grandma stays for 2 weeks this time and we will cherish every minute of it. 

A couple of Qumi’s friends came over to hang out today, Saki-chan (in the middle) is practicing for her own little one in a couple of months.

P.S. All the images can be clicked on and downloaded.