Outie Belly button and Joker-esque cut

Kaitlin was born with an umbilical hernia which basically means the muscles surrounding her belly button are weak and need time to develop properly – apparently this happens to 20% or so of newborns. It will go away eventually without any help (or surgery) but until then, it looks pretty funny. You can push on it and it goes back in, but then when she coughs or sneezes (or more realistically — cries) – it pops right back out again.

Kaitlin also managed to scratch herself pretty good. It looks like Heath Ledger as the Joker in Batman. Unfortunately they both really hate wearing mittens, so we have to be more careful with trimming their nails constantly. Its already healing and shouldn’t leave any permanent marks, but in the mean time it looks terrible.

The Boxer
What a great jab, she is going to make a good boxer!


Time to admit it, they might have colic

Well its been a week since grandma left and it was tough. The girls were screaming all day and night, I think its time to admit it – they probably have colic. It seems that it is more common in babies with milk/lactose allergies. Sometimes they just scream and scream and scream – and other times they sleep. The good news is that it does end I have been told, and only a couple more weeks (or months) till they will be sleeping through the night.

Daddy doing his best to keep them calm.

The girls playing in their new floor gym. Not sure they really get it, but will stare at the stuff hanging on occasion. 

Here are the angels holding hands, they love each other – at least for this picture.

Until next time… I will try to update this blog more often, but usually haven’t had the time. Hopefully when the girls start sleeping through the night.

Hurry back grandma

Grandma is heading home and Qumi and I are really going to miss her.  She has been such a huge help, and we’re not sure how to do it without her. The girls are really going to miss her as well, but I am sure she will be back as soon as she can.

My belly, the perfect cushion.

Since the floors are all marble and not at all forgiving for babies falling on them, we setup a futon in the living room. It’s great, all of us can hangout there without fear the little ones rolling off the couch.