Waiting for sleep

The girls are about 7 weeks old now, so that means 7 weeks without sleep. Everyone keeps assuring me that this is going to end at about 3 months or so, but I am not convinced. 

Today was the girls first set of shots, BCM and Hep B. Kaitlin was up first and wow was she screaming, so much so that Kristin started screaming out of sympathy. The shots were over quickly, but she still wasn’t happy. Kristin wasn’t any better, she screamed just as loud and just as long. Luckily the girls were also hungry at the same time, so a quick bottle right after and they were just good as new.

Qumi has been working day and night to take care of these girls, they are a handful. She has been so great for me, allowing me to sleep most of the nights and she deserves a break now and then. Here she is with the girls taking a quick nap between feeds.

One bottle for me, one bottle for Kristin! One bottle for me, Kristin was still on her first. One more bottle for me, and she was already sleeping. Its great to take them down to the local mall and have a beer and some lunch without them screaming the whole time.

5 thoughts on “Waiting for sleep”

  1. Ha! I don’t know who you have been talking to about sleep. You have 18 years before you will get a good night’s sleep again!!! Sure, the girls might sleep through the night, but you won’t get a real good night anytime soon.

    Love ya, but someone should tell you the truth. That’s what I’m here for bro!

  2. 久美さん、JPさん、双子ちゃんご誕生おめでとうございます!
    睡眠不足キツイですよね(^^;) 二人だからなおさら。

    1. あやこさん




  3. まゆちゃーん


  4. Thank you for updating!!!!
    I check this every day!!
    I miss you guys!

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