odebu-chan and puku-puku-pu

Thanks to my mother-in-law being in town, I was able to head out to do some shopping and stop off to have a quick beer at the local. Wow that tasted good!

I posted the other day about Kristin spitting up and just how far it can go, well she beat that record this morning. I was feeding her and she was close to finishing when – blammm – explosion. It shot pretty far, but I was able to block most of it with my body. I learned 2 things today, I’m glad we bought a leather chair for the baby’s room, and its much easierto change my clothes then hers – so jump in front of the stream.

The girls are growing bigger everyday. In the beginning we joked that Kaitlin is “odebu-chan” (little fat one), but I am really surprised at their differences. Kaitlin eats everything she is offered and then some more, Kristin on the other hand needs to be reminded she hasn’t finished her meal yet. I have resorted to changing her diaper with cold wet wipes,getting her out of her swaddle, and boring her to death with my commentary of the whole thing. Kristin is beginning to earn the nickname of puku-puku-pu, which doesn’t really translate except for “chubby cheeks”.


Fun at the US Embassy

Brought all three of my girls down to the US Embassy to register the little one’s birth, get them social security cards, and of course their first passports. I have been prepping Qumi of the process of not only entering the Embassy, but what you have to do once inside. The security is similar to that at an airport where everything gets X-rayed, no liquids, and you have to go through metal detectors. Its a huge imposing building (really a fortress).

We followed the website and prepared all the paperwork, leaving nothing to chance. Showed up with all my forms, 10 years worth of tax preparations, my high-school diploma, birth certificate, SS card, and even my baptism certificate. The interviews started and Qumi was in the middle of breastfeeding Kaitlin, so with me supporting Kaitlin’s head, Qumi raised her right hand and swore the truth, all while feeding Katie – what a trooper.  The website clearly states that they only need copies of certain documents, but apparently it is wrong. We needed the original birth certificates in addition to the copies. There was another couple there with the same issue, and they had to go back with their baby twice. Luckily, the consular that helped us understood our dilemma and allowed me to come back without the girls. So barring any issues with my translation of the marriage certificate, our girls will be accepted as US Citizens in 7-10 working days.

Qumi’s mom is here for a week and brought a ton of presents for us and the girls. She is so happy to have grandchildren! I am sure she will spoil them for the rest of their lives.

Grandma and Kristin

I didn’t know you could spit milk that far

Kristin must not have enjoyed her 4pm feeding today, since she spit most of it back up. It went across the sheets, down the side of the crib and pooled on the floor. Well, I consider myself lucky I guess, we got through 5 days without changing the sheets. Luckily we ordered extra “kawaii” sheets since mom is coming tomorrow.

Yesterday we had their first check up at the doctor, as always he said “the twins are doing fine” in his soothing, calm voice. It’s kind of an inside joke since the doc used to call me every morning at 7:30am while they were in the NICU to say “the twins are doing fine” and then hang up. Both have their eye exams next week and Kristin will also see her gastroenterologist about her allergy. Kaitlin is now up to 2.6kg and Kristin around 2.4kg.

Qumi and I are still working out the kinks, but we are getting closer. Lesson for today, we know that they are wide awake and do not want to be in the cot from 7pm to 10pm, so we modified the bathing and food schedule. They tried as they might to stay awake, but warm bath + full bellies won out eventually. At least they generally sleep (or at least stay really quiet from 10pm to 7am). The night-vision video system tells they they are mostly awake, just keep to themselves.