Grandma’s coming back

Grandma is on a plane from Japan as I write this, unfortunately though she is delayed 3 hours and will get here around 3am. Qumi and I are so excited to be able to get some additional help. There is a chance that Qumi will be able to actually take a nap during the day tomorrow. 

Over the long weekend (Happy Hari Raya Puasa) we packed up the girls and headed down to meet some friends at Harry’s. It really is refreshing to get out of the house on the weekend, even if its only a 5 minute walk.

My birthday is coming up on Monday, so as a present, Qumi decided to give me 16 hours of “no responsibility”. That means I get to go out on Friday and have way too much to drink and sleep without the baby monitor next to my head. I doubt that will happen, and my guess is I am back home by 10pm in time for Kristin’s late night feeding.