Sorry for the interruption

Sorry for the delay, running between home, work and the hospital has been putting a damper on personal time. Let’s see what happened over the last week: Kaitlin (above) is getting bigger and bigger. She is now bigger then her birth weight, 1,732 grams. Kristin had a setback with what might be a cow’s milk allergy and lost a bunch of weight, but she is back now and catching up to her big sister at 1,530 grams. We finalized our domestic helper and Sri starts this weekend to take over the household chores and some of the dog duties. Besides everything else, I had to purchase and put together a bed, shelves and other stuff for our helper. I rented a car and the first one was actually embarrassing to drive, the new one is much plainer and working just fine. A couple more weeks to go and life really changes for us when they come home.