No more lazy days

Yesterday before we left, Kaitlin got mad and yanked her feeding tube out of her nose (again!!!). The staff decided not to bother putting it back in until the doctor saw her the next day, hoping he would just say leave it out. Well this morning, her tube was gone, but so was Kristin’s! That means both will have to actually eat themselves when they get hungry, no more sleeping all day and miraculously their belly’s get full. The doctor also left me a voicemail saying they are both probably coming home in a week’s time. Together!!!

All of this happened this morning, and of course when we headed back for the afternoon feed, Kristin was showing more signs of her allergy. They still think it’s a cow’s milk allergy, but I am not so sure anymore. Qumi is on a super strict diet, and they are using the most extreme (read expensive) hypo-allergic formula for the times there isn’t enough milk.

Other great news is that it has been almost a week with our new helper, and things are going well. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Busy Day

NICU saw quadruplets this morning and every nurse and sister was ready. Even when I made it back there at 7:30, there was still a buzz around the room. Both Kaitlin and Kristin had bottles this evening and both them were screaming there heads off for a while. I was able to calm down Katie, and Kristie fell asleep right after. Kaitlin is up to 1,988 grams and Kristin is up to 1,792 grams today. Pretty soon they will be coming home, and then the sleep stops.

Daddy and Katie time

Unfortunately I forgot to ask Qumi to take some pictures, but today I got to bottle feed Kaitlin.  Wow is that cool. She got through 98% and kept falling asleep, and the nurse came and took her away. I was actually a little upset, since I knew with a couple more minutes I could’ve finished. Ahh in any case, it was a lot of fun and can’t wait to do it again. Kaitlin is getting close to 2kg and will probably hit that by the weekend. Kristin is catching up big time and started getting bottles everyday now as well. Her allergy seems to be manageable, but not easy for Qumi. Qumi has to give up all dairy and almost all soy, including the “hidden” versions of each. That means even many breads, cakes, sauces, etc.  Poor Qumi 🙁

1st bottle

Today the doctor finally allowed Kaitlin to have a bottle, and boy did she love it. She drank it down in under 15 minutes, and 2 hours later was begging for more. Both girls are doing great, Kaitlin is 1867 grams and Kristin is 1712 (I think, cant remember the exact weights). I heard a rumour from sister Olivia today, that we should be able to bottle feed them both next week. Both girls were in a great mood and fully alert for hours, usually they are passed out. We took some video (don’t tell Sister Olivia, she doesn’t allow video in the NICU) and added it to the album page, check it out here.