No Sleep – Day 2

Actually, its not as bad as everyone seems to make it out. One thing is for certain, those with a singleton baby have it easy. You can trade with your wife, the 4am feed for a new pair of shoes, or swap days/times so you can both still sleep – not true with twins. Alsohaving them next to each other has the added bonus of one cranky baby waking the other.┬á

After extensive research and lot’s of purchases, we found that Kristin just doesn’t like the NUK brand of bottles and nipples, and prefers the more “plain style” Pigeon brand. It cut my feeding down from 45-60 minutes to just under 30 mins. That’s 15 more minutes every 3 hours! If I save it all up, I have enough time to watch a movie.


The dogs are coping really well. Inu doesn’t seem to care at all, almost like he didn’t realize there are 2 more people in the house and that I am up all night. Koguma is a bit more curious, she wants to get close, but my evil stare keeps her (mostly) at bay. As the girls get a little bigger, I will slowly allow the dogs closer. Thatlevel of trust is going to take a while, the dogs have never been around tiny babies.

Both girls love the bath, and since that’s my job, I’m happy. Today was their second bath at home, and we decided to dress them up and take a ton of pictures afterwards – BIG MISTAKE! They must have gotten over-excited because it took us the next 3 hours to get them to sleep, just in time for their next feeding. I am sure they will hate us for the naked ones ­čśŤ